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COVID-19 Testing Options

Cole Diagnostics

Traveling soon?

If you are required to show a negative PCR test (nasal swab) in order to travel, we are able to help you. Most destinations are requiring that your sample is provided to the lab within 72 hours of your flight. Please notify us of your flight time when you arrive for your test. We are working hard to ensure we can meet these time limits, though some delays may occur.

Cole Diagnostics
7988 W Marigold St – Ste 150
Garden City, ID 83714

The cost of the test is $95 for the nasal swab

Result within 48-72 hours of the swab or blood draw collection

CLICK HERE to begin the process.

Harmon Travel - Boise, ID - COVID-19 Testing
Feel Safe and Secure.
COVID-19 RT-PCR Saliva Test Collection Kit

Do you, your loved ones or people you know need a COVID-19 test, but don’t want to wait for an appointment or in a long line? Would you prefer to take a simple saliva test in the comfort of your own home — and receive the most reliable results delivered within 24 – 36 hours? ImmunitiRx is your solution!

Painless. Private. Quick.

The testing process is quick, easy and non-invasive. CLICK HERE