You have always come through for me, Mary, and I want to let you know you are truly appreciated.  I’m certain our trip to New Orleans will be great – and a really nice new experience.” – Marcia
For 35 years, with great care and efficiency, Harmon Travel has taken care of all our travel needs. They have NEVER let us down and are there to the rescue when we have a problem anywhere in the world!” – Sydney Revere

Danielle, Thank you so much for all of your help. I so appreciated your time and understanding to help me find the best deal and itinerary!  We’re incredibly grateful to Harmon Travel too for waving the fees for the tickets! That was really generous and helpful to our bottom line. I will try to email you some photos of the wish in June when they return.” Thanks again! – Brenda

I wish to thank you very much for handling all aspects of our travel and cruise for the “Concerts at Sea“.  Everything went so very smooth, from airport to hotel to cruise ship and the return.  I know I can be a pain in the — with my many questions etc, and I truly appreciate all of the work you did.  We hope to take the cruise again next year, depending upon many factors, but we intend to if we can.  You are a great travel agent, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again.” – Jim

Diana, I just want you to know that everything went perfect from the time we left the house to the flight back.  The cruise (Concerts At Sea) was so much fun.  We were a group of 5 couples and had a “Blast”.  We sang, we danced, we yelled, we laughed, we cried, and we had the best time ever.  The entertainment was beyond my expectations.  So a big thank you for everything you did for us.” – George & Jill

Harmon Travel has one of the best Travel Agents! My family, friends, and myself ALL book through Layne Taylor. Not only does it get the job done, but if anything happens, this man is ON THE BALL.” – Brandon

Go visit Danielle Stephens at Harmon Travel to book your next vacation!!! She is amazing!!! And so is this company!!!” – Britteny

Great place to find about all kinds of travel in an easy “no pressure” environment. Lot’s of information there for the asking. Start planning that next warm getaway… I say go take a look!”  – Mark

Hawaii was fantastic!  Everything about it was perfect.  Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it.  There wasn’t a single thing that went wrong – even the weather was perfect!  Turtle Bay is gorgeous!  Wow!  I’m glad we spent a couple of nights in Waikiki, but Turtle Bay was definitely our favorite. Thanks for following up with us.  We will definitely check with you again when we are ready to do our next vacation!” – Jackie 

Paris and Normandy were just perfect.  The dinner cruise was great also.  I especially enjoyed the Normandy tour. Our guide/driver was an expert on the War history and the Normandy occupation, invasion and liberation.  It also was special to see the American Cemetery and monuments since my brother will be buried at the Fort Meade (S Dak) national veterans cemetery in a couple weeks. The driver and vehicle were first class – S class Mercedes limousine. The train ride was amazing and smooth at 200+ miles per hour in portions of the trip.  Hard to believe. The service and food in 1st class is excellent.  Such a fantastic trip we had. Thanks for everything, Mary” – Leon & Marlis

Our Alaska trip was just so great. You did a wonderful job of getting us all the “stuff” that we needed to have a superb time. I can’t credit you with getting us the near-perfect weather but I’d like to. We had just one day that was seriously overcast and rainy. That was the day we were in Glacier Bay. I’d so hoped and really expected to see/hear a glacier calf but it was not to be. We did see those magnificent glaciers, or what remains of them.  Our day at Misty Fjord was heavy fog for the first half hour as we traveled on the jet boat and then, as if by magic, the fog lifted and we had the most beautiful, clear weather the rest of the day. The orcas favored us with numerous sightings, the most impressive was on the last day as we cruised back to Vancouver and we got into a large pod of them swimming along side the ship jumping and showing off for us. Hope we got some good pictures.  Know you’re busy but just wanted to say a special thank you and let you know we so appreciated all your planning and work.” – Ginni & Larry

The weekend was so much fun. We absolutely loved going to the game on the boat, the food and drinks were great.  Sailgating was the highlight of the trip!!!!!  Talk to you soon about future travel, thank-you for everything.” – Julie

I have to tell you the transfer worked marvelously! As usual you guys are always a blessing to work with!  Ugg ya the game stunk but Seattle was amazing! The Westin hotel was a good choice as we were right downtown in the thick of things. Hope you have a great rest of your week and as usual I will get a hold of you when any adventure arise.” – Megan

Thank you for your good work on the project.  Now, find me a good trip to Fiji. Will be honeymoon!” – Brian

I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife Gretchen and I were with our Vacation that Mary Doyle from your office assisted us with.  We just returned from Maui Hawaii.  Wow, were we happy with this resort.  We were so surprised  to get back to our room and find presents from Mary in our room not once but twice.  One of the presents was chocolate covered strawberries with champagne which just topped off our anniversary evening!  We had a blast and loved every minute!  I’m so glad we had Mary as our Travel Agent and want to say Thank you!” – Sam

“Layne, Sandy and I want to thank you for all the help you gave us on our recent cruise to Alaska.  As you promised, the vacation was a wonderful experience and Princess Cruises was outstanding.  And you, too, were a big part in making our first time cruise a memorable experience.  Thanks for the bottle of wine and for helping us obtain a stateroom upgrade.  The on board accommodations and service were beyond all expectations.  I also want to thank you for helping us on change our flight to Seattle when Alaska cancelled our original flight.  The great service that you provided to us in this regard taught us to always use a travel agent when booking flights and vacations.  I want you to know that we will use your services in the future and will be happy to recommend you and Harmon Travel.” – Dennis

Thank you Layne!! You worked your magic and got out trip back on track after a very bad start!! And YOU are the man I recommend for anyone’s travel needs!! Harmon is lucky to have you!! “– Dennis & Sandy

“Just a quick note to say thank you to you and Harmon Travel for all the neat brochures and invitations for travel options. We appreciate you remembering us. One of these days we may be free to cruise, etc., once more. And, we certainly will look to you for assistance.” – Richard & Sharon 

Mary, you are so on the ball: do you organize lives too?” – Linda

Aloha, Mary! Thank you so much for the chocolate  covered strawberries and all the follow up with us. We had a dream vacation. The Makena is AMAZING!! I had a gorgeous pool boy bring me frozen grapes!! All of the staff deliver royal treatment – I would highly recommend this resort. We would not have changed anything about this trip.  We’re  counting his pennies to try to figure out if we can go back next January.”  – Mary

I would like to thank each one of you for the wonderful experience you made for me for the Maaco bowl trip to Vegas. Each and every one of you put so much time and organization into it, it was the most organization I have seen in a very long time. Thank you again and again.” – Tawnya

Please rest assured that when we’re able to do travel again, we will contact YOU! We have looked longingly at the Harmon invitations and magazines that we have received. Cant wait to travel with you again.” – Dick & Sharon

The cruise was AMAZING!!! We loved every minute of it. Thank you for all your work in putting this all together – it is a trip that we will never forget.” – Rich & Diana

The complete success was made possible by your stellar escort, Eileen Peterson. Her dedication to customer comfort, impeccable attention to detail, and contagious personality are, I’m sure, a direct reflection on you as a company and your desire to trust only the best with your reputation. I feel your clients are in most capable hands every time they are in her care. I wish you continued success in the travel arena as well as to your beloved Broncos.” -Conrad

Not a thing to complain about!  It was great fun and went very smoothly.  I gave your name to someone that is looking for a new travel agent.”  – Linda

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mary Doyle for over 12 years on my travel arrangements, with both short trips and long cruises. Mary has always been able to supply me with the information I needed. She is extremely reliable and delightful, both in person and over the phone. It’s great to have Mary as my travel agent. I have recommended her to many friends and relatives over the years, and will continue to do so.”
– Marcia

The trip was amazing!!! We put 800 miles on our poor rental car. I don’t think there is a road on that island we didn’t explore. On top of all your recommendations we got a few from some locals. We also hiked so many places we lost count. We could never thank you enough for picking such a perfect honeymoon!!  Thank you again!!!!!
– Kayla